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  • David Austrem

Love in Every Frame: A Cinematic Journey Through the Year 2023

As I take a moment to reminisce about the past year, the echoes of laughter, the rustle of wedding gowns, and the vows exchanged linger in my thoughts. It's been a whirlwind of love, an intricate dance of emotions captured through the lens of my camera. What makes this the best job isn't just the breathtaking visuals but the profound connections forged along the way.

From secluded beaches to bustling cityscapes, the love stories I've had the privilege to document have unfolded like pages of a novel, each chapter revealing a unique tale. The beauty lies not just in the grand celebrations but in the quiet, intimate moments shared between couples. Love is diverse, and this year has been a celebration of that diversity.

Every wedding venue became a canvas, painting a unique backdrop for the love stories that unfolded. From rustic barns to urban rooftops, the variety of locations added layers to each narrative. Traveling from one picturesque setting to another, I've learned that love knows no boundaries—it flourishes in the most unexpected places, and it's my joy to capture it all.

In the midst of this whirlwind, I found myself collaborating with close friends who share the same passion for storytelling through videography. The process became more than just capturing moments; it became a shared journey of artistic expression. There's a certain magic in creating with those who understand your vision and revel in the excitement of documenting life's most precious moments.

You might wonder about the decision to charge less than the competition. It's not about the price; it's about making art accessible. Videography, for me, is more than a service—it's a genuine passion. Charging less allows me to ensure that every couple, regardless of budget, can have their love story documented with the same care and dedication that I would invest in my own.

As I bid farewell to this extraordinary year, I look forward to the stories that await in the chapters yet to be written. To the couples who shared their love, the varied locations that became part of these narratives, and the friends who joined in the magic – thank you for making this journey truly exceptional.

Here's to another year of love, laughter, and the privilege of being a storyteller in the world of

wedding videography.


David Austrem

DNawe Media

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